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  Puntarelle salad, green beans, tuna bottarga, crispy pecorino, bergamot vinaigrette 375,-
  Lobster, potato and robiola mousse, chives oil, pea pods 395,-
  Beef tartare, egg yolk purée, smoked garlic, truffle caviar and bruschetta 355,-
  Baccala fritto, baby mangold sauté, mushrooms, shellfish emulsion 365,-
  Green peas soup, rhubarb, crispy red mullet 195,-
  Chicken consomé, cotecchino cappeletti 175,-
PRIMO        CZK
  Linguine carbonara, black truffles, tempered egg yolk 365,-
  Pappardelle, salsiccia ragout, anis, scamorza cheese 345,-
  Cod ravioli, roasted pendolino tomatoes, almond cream, rice chips 355,-
  Mushroom risotto, taleggio fondue 365,-
  Beef ribs, smoked potato purée, deep fried artichoke, polenta crumble, pumpkin seeds, grappa sauce 565,-
  Aubergine parmigiana, mozarella mousse, basil sauce, sparkling cherry tomatoes 495,-
  Octopus, smoked peppers purée, pak choi, chorizo, red wine sauce 595,-
  Rack of lamb, buttered potatoes, goat cheese, piquilo peppers, anchovy mayo, olives 575,-
  Tobacco pana cotta, coffee crumble, white chocolate, hazelnuts 235,-
  Yoghurt parfait, amarena cherries, limoncello sorbet 245,-
  Chocolate fondant, white chocolate sauce, coconut ice cream 245,-
  Tirami…..sú 255,-
  Selection of Italian cheeses 235,-